So son, You want to spy on your ole dad?

Ok son. Go for it, but I better not catch you. The cam is on 24 hours a day 7 days a week...spying on me. It's set to update every 6-11 seconds (depending on net traffic). So come in, spy on me, watch me wherever I'm at in the house (yes, the bathroom too). Son wants to watch daddy jack off?

Spy on me. SpyCam
Watch your dad as I eat, sleep, shower, go to work, and whack-off... (yeah, THAT too) ALL ON CAM Dad lives in Chicago, I walk around my house naked or in my underwear a lot and since the camera's watch me whenever I'm home, you'll have a front row seat... Warning: If you're offended by seeing dad taking a shower, or satisfying his natural "daddy" urges, this is DEFINATELY not the place for you.

Otherwise come on in and watch me...Mind if I get comfortable? Oh, yeah, did I mention mom moved out a while ago? It's just you and me kid.

What you can expect to see?
Me living life. NO scripts, no rehearsals. I'll be mostly hanging out, watching TV, reading, cooking... or just doin' what dads like to do. Everything I do when I'm at home is captured for you. You'll see it all .

When are you home?
I'm usually home in the afternoons and evenings. If I am going to go out, I'll post a note. Unlike most other sites, my site is live 24/7/365. I also have a chat room, so you can ask me what my plans are for the week. Most likely when you sign on, I'll be there (usually). Plus, when you do sign on, I'll probably be naked and "hanging" out...if you know what I mean, son. Go grab dad a beer.

In my travels on the "net" I saw that people wanted a good spy cam. As if they were peering through my windows. Spying on me. But also someone they could depend on. So, I decided to do it. Remember, the content will be adult at times - as is in my life so be warned. Where else can you see an exhibitionist when YOU want to?

Who are you?
My name is David, but you better call me DAD. I'm 42 years old and a massage therapist born and raised in Detroit. I live in Chicago. I like sports. blading, the gym, cars, cigars and hanging out with my friends. Where's that beer BOY!

DAD, will I be able to talk with you?
Yes. I have a chat room on the site, and I'm in it alot. You better come in and tell dad what's on your mind and what you did in school today. Dad wants to hear all about his boy's day.